• Karthik Krishna

The pros of an Entrepreneur's 'Workation'

Have you ever joined a Workation? What would have made you join one, and what

made you doubt joining one?

If you have ever joined a Workation you know there are many more benefits to it than

you think at first. Let’s have a look at them:

A Workation is a great way for new and future Digital Nomads to get a sneak preview of

the Digital Nomad and Remote Working Lifestyle. Get a feeling on how it is to live like a

Digital Nomad, see how aims are achieved, be able to ask all kinds of questions and let

the experienced professionals working from a remote destination help you leave your life


Joining a workation and meeting like-minded people helps to get into the Remote

Working Lifestyle and can take away all your doubts and bring lots of innovative ideas.

The leaders of the Workations help you to get familiar with your new spot. They can help

you with tools, provide you with local sim cards, they help you to get into the first steps of

how to deal with this whole new world you just entered. Every lifestyle has its own

community. Even though you might be all spread over the world, it is important for digital

nomads and remote workers to belong to a community as well.

On a Workation you spend real quality time with like-minded people. Those workations

create lifetime friendships with each other.

Skill sharing is often overlooked but great advantage of a Workation. Assuming we (you

and I) were on a Workation. I am a content creator and you are a designer. We could

exchange our services if necessary so that I provide content for your design work while

you help me design my blog images, call it a “digital trade”. During most Workations

several workshops or masterminds are a part of the program. Workshops whereby we

learn the in-and-out of a specific topic. Everyone has its own great expertise on a

specific topic where we all love to learn from. Workations are all about skill sharing!

Let’s face it: you are simply working too hard. Too hard that you even forget to eat,

sometimes. It’s very easy to skip socializing too. After all, you are very busy. Thankfully,

Workations are here to help. Instead of completely cancelling that “boring” Skype call

with a client, you meet locals as a way of socializing. You get to work and socialize on

the beach with other people who are in the same boat as you. No need for concessions.

The good thing is, you socialize with those who face the same problems, so even your

socializing isn’t a ‘waste’ of productive hours. It’s an investment in your business and


Not only great business skills are shared, also a lot of new partnerships are built during a

Workation. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers have landed on great ideas or

partnered with amazing talented people while on a Workation. The combination of doing

something you like, besides working on your business leads to great creative initiatives.

Just like having a romantic partner that understands you because you share a lot in

common, you can meet similar business partners or great business ideas to boost your

business. A workation can land you a multi-million dollar idea contributed or “shaped” by

another professional working just like you.

With the connections and relationships you build at these places you, you can turn these

connections into friends and business relationships that can later benefit your business

or career with a whole new way. Get that amazing job you’ve been looking for from that

one person in your network. Networking is still one of the most important things while

running a business.

Many studies show that vacations are the most powerful creativity boosters. That does

not surprise us at all. To think of it, away from your desk, a stress free environment,

great weather, new people and a relaxing atmosphere seems to be the best creative

boost you can have. It is a happy picture already.

No matter what profession you are in, beautiful destinations create a very positive impact

on creativity. This kind of work environment reduces stress and brings out more

productivity. Work on the project you have been postponing for so long as it is the best

time to go ahead with it- amazing beach views or scenic landscapes in front of you with

a cocktail by your side. Unleash your talent and create something you will be proud of!

Like it or not, truth is that some freelancers or entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss a job

opportunity or turn down a client that is important to them. Especially start-ups and

entrepreneurs won’t give themselves time off, they work hard, really hard. Preferably

round the clock, 24/7. This isn’t possible in the long term, and also the entrepreneurs

should give themselves some free time.

If you don’t want to shut down the entire office, a Workation might be just the right

solution. It’s a great mix of being able to keep work going but enjoy some free time with

like minded people as well.

Are you already thinking of all the emails you have to catch up on when you’re back in

the office? Use the last few days of your vacation at a Workation and prepare yourself

slowly for what’s there when you’re back in the office. Pace up with work and catch up

about everything on the mail, plan some meetings and follow up on the emergencies

which appeared while you were away.

A great preparation is only half the work.

For some this might even be one of the bigger advantages of any Workation. Workations

are costs you invest in yourself and your company and are therefore business related

costs. Workations provide a coworking space, internet, accommodation, meetings and

everything around the coworking and skill sharing. Active Workation will give you one

invoice for your business to be able to use it as business costs. Impossible to do when

you’re ‘just’ on holiday and a nice bonus for every entrepreneur

What is holding you back to join our next Workation? Still not convinced to pack your

bag and take off? Have a look at our upcoming entrepreneurs Workation and get an

idea of what is planned for this time. We would be more than happy to assist you with all the

questions of your maybe new lifestyle or to join us for any of the other reasons.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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