• Karthik Krishna

8 tips for an epic 'Workation' with your team

Today’s culture is making work-life balance a relic of the past. The latest hot travel trend is

“Workation”. As the name implies, workation is the practice of spending your time at a nice

destination and balancing work while you are there. In today’s era of being strapped into work, “workation” sounds the most appealing. While working with OkInvent we figured some hacks to derive the most out of your outing. Below are some that will help you take a workation:

Tip 1: Set a goal

A special project needs special attention. So, set a goal and make the week memorable.

Most of us need to sell our idea to investors or our boss that the money is going to be

spent well. Pick a goal that increases the value of the project or product you are working

on. No one will disagree with your workation if your project is beneficial to the whole

organisation. Last but not the least, people will envy you but there’s nothing more

efficient than achieving goals in front of people are jealous of you. Trust us. It works.

Tip 2: It’s not a vacation!

Don’t confuse a workation with a vacation. The most important ground rule, you need to

distinguish between the two. For instance, it is an epic work week, during working hours

you will be productive and creative in a very relaxed environment but when you are not

working you can totally relax at your vacation. This will help you keep motivated when it

comes to working, if it does not you will be demotivated because you are working on

your “vacation”.

Tip 3: Get shit done!

No one will be impressed if you come back empty handed. When you go back to the

office with your achieved aim, you will prove it was all worth it. This makes everything

smooth, up and running for the future. You can be a pioneer and open doors for other

teams to take this route too.

It’s important you push yourself and your team’s performance during your workation.

You will have an incredible focus (at least, if you do it right). So, make use of it as long

as it lasts. Yet, it’s essential you don’t work over hours. After a good day of work it’s time

to get to know your colleagues and explore your surroundings. It’s time to chill!

Tip 4: Make sure you spend the first weekend together too

The weekend is a perfect time to get to know each other. No work. No obligations.

Relax, do some tanning, walk around, have a chat and get energized.

Spend the weekend together before your real workation starts: the social energy level of

everyone will be higher than the weekend after your workation. After a full

workation(Monday - Friday) you will eventually be tired. You will feel like heading back

home but the week has been amazing. Don’t push it too much and cherish your


Tip 5: Make sure your lunches and dinners are memorable

Delicious feast… This is the time you’ll feel like you are on a vacation, make this count!

Do groceries in advance and make sure you don’t just make an ordinary work day

sandwich. Soak yourself in the sun eating delicious salads, pasta, fish.. You name it,

make it happen! Team bonding to the fullest!

Tip 6: Choose an inspiring environment

Your environment should be very motivating. If not, do not even consider going; just stay

and work from the office. For instance, in the Netherlands we don’t have much sun. For

us it was great to be in Ibiza where we could be enjoying the sun every minute we

weren’t working (and jump in the pool for a short break). Since the environment was so

different than our usual environment, it sparked creativity and focus. Exactly what you


Tip 7: Make sure your work setup is good

If you don’t have the proper work setup you won’t be able to focus and won’t achieve

anything. Make sure the internet connection is good and that there are enough chairs,

tables, etc. It is important that you can start your workation without having to worry about

anything. If you are not set, you will tend to lose focus.

Set up your workstation the day before your workation starts. That way you can jump

straight in and start working on achieving your workation goal!

Tip 8: JUST DO IT!

There is never a good timing and there is always an excuse NOT to go. Grab the

opportunity and JUST DO IT. Plan your schedule and set your agenda with your team.

It’s really as simple as that. Don’t sweat it, you will be online every day. This is an

advantage of the digital space we are in, you will be in touch with your team back in

office too.

A great entrepreneur was once asked if he could explain his time management skills. He

grabbed a jar, put in some rocks, then some pebbles, and lastly some sand. Everything

fits in perfectly. That wouldn’t be the case if he had started with the sand. A simple yet

powerful lesson: start filling your agenda with big and important goals. If things aren’t

planned you will be busy working on non-important ad-hoc stuff that won’t really get you

anywhere. The same goes for planning your workation. Just. Do. It.

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